Teina R

I grew up on the streets in South Auckland. You don’t wake up one day and say I’m leaving home, it just kind of happened. I had some good friends and just wanted to be with them. We would stay at each others homes sometimes, and sometimes we would stay on the streets. My home was loving, warm, and good. On the streets I would hear this little voice that I was born for something greater than this! I felt like that was God. On the streets you don’t forget your family. I always thought about my grandfather. He was my strength. I saw him at the bus stop one day and he gave me this look like “you really need to come home”. He welcomed me back. I was a little brat! I moved home again and decided to follow Jesus. I had a lot of support to get back into school and my grades were getting better. I was slowly building my strength to make good decisions. Jesus has given me purpose. He has given me the strength to work with people who are struggling no matter how hard it is! Everything that we do has an effect on people, good or bad. I live to see them reach their potential. The best thing is when they reach out and help others too!

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