Maia F

My nephew had just started school when he got himself up on stage and performed a dance for talent quest. It was a lot for him just to start school let alone get up and perform. I remember balling my eyes out I was so proud of him. The feeling of pride has really stuck in my mind. Every time one of my whānau puts themselves out there for something that’s right and true, I get so proud.
It reminds me of people’s strength. If he can do that, then I need to get over myself and stand up, too. The world we live in is scary and hard, we see it every day. When I remember my nephew standing up and doing what he did, it renews my hope for the next generation. It may seem small, but for him it was huge. So many people who I meet every day need that kind of resilience to get through. They find it within themselves. I don’t think there’s any better use of me than what I’m doing; helping people realise what’s available to them and what they’re capable of. Seeing their own potential and believing it.

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