“In 2008 my nineteen year old son was caught drunk driving; he blew over the new youth limit for alcohol. I was embarrassed and ashamed that my boy had been caught drinking and driving. We had had many talks with him but I suppose everyone makes mistakes. I was dreading going to court with him simply because I knew most of the people at the court and it reflected badly on me.

Prior to going to court my son was involved in a fatal motor crash, but he wasn’t at fault. A good friend in the police rang to tell me that my son had been involved in the crash. I asked whether he thought my son would live; he replied no. I got to hospital as quickly as I could. My son was flown in by helicopter and, although he suffered substantial injuries, he made a full recovery.

When the time came to go to court for his drunk driving charge I was no longer ashamed or disappointed, but just glad to still have him to take.”

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