“In 2006 my life changed forever. I was on my way to buy some milk from the dairy when a mate pulled up and asked if I wanted a ‘quick puff’ at his house. I said yes and jumped in his car. Five days later I was still awake, a ‘quick puff’ was actually the start of an ongoing addiction to methamphetamine.

At a party one night a girl asked me for a ride to her partners house. I was fried, I hadn’t slept for days, my brain wasn’t thinking straight. I was trying to stay awake to get home. However I agreed to give her a ride. When we arrived she asked if I wanted to come in for a ‘quick puff’. I was so exhausted that I thought it would be good to have one to get me home.

When we walked into the house all I saw was her hair being grabbed and a shotgun was put to my head. The room was full of gangsters who she had ripped off. They beat and hurt us over the next two days. I was in and out of consciousness. I whispered, “God please help me. If you help me I’ll help you. Please help me”.

Half an hour later a man I knew walked in. He argued with the men who had kidnapped me and the next thing I remember is driving away in his car.

I believe that God really did save me that day and it was the start of a new chapter for me. I went to rehab for six months. Although my journey has been far from easy, the reason I smile is because I can confidently say that I’ve been alcohol and drug free for ten years.”

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