“I once saw two road workers holding the stop/go signs. It was a rainy miserable cold day. At the time I had two teenagers in the back seat of my van. I was dropping them home like I always do after school- it’s part of the criteria of the alternative education school that I work at.

I felt sorry for the road workers; they do a job that is unnoticed. I wanted to do something small to change that and show them appreciation. So I pulled into a petrol station and bought two hot chocolates for them. The look on their faces was absolute shock. I just said “Thank you for the work you’re doing”, and drove off.

The greatest part of this was the impact it had on the two boys in my back-seat. They couldn’t believe it. I had no agenda, and wanted nothing in return. The boys couldn’t stop talking about it; they even came to school bragging to others about what they’d seen. After that incident, I reflected on what had happened. I decided to start a Facebook page called ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ which aims to encourage others to do the same thing. Kindness needs to be done more. Kindness should be a way of life.”


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